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February 20, 2007



I would love to own one of your "works of art"! Although I am under the Aries sign, I live like a Pisces too! Bday coming up, how are you going to celebrate this year???



super cute hun :) ( no need to include me in the drawing i already have a supah cute bracelet.... just always like to comment to your blog ;) )


how cute are they. I would love to own one, it would be a great way to celebrate my return to the Cape, See you soon

Julie G

hey... from one pisces girl to another! *love* your colors! Hope I win!!!

Janice Stickles

So, Melissa. This is what you call lazy? Kicking back and making sweet baubles? (Pick me! Pick me! I say modestly.)



Your jewelry is gorgeous! I think I need to learn to be "lazy" like that! :)


pick me, choose me, mail one to me!
fun blog chicka, miss you guys!!!!!!!


OH, I'd love one of those braclets! I, too, am a Pisces girl! My birthday is the day you are giving one of the bracelets away! I'd be proud to onw one and wear it daily!


You are a deep well of creativity, my dear! Those are gorgeous!! :)


I'm a scorpio, but LOVE your pretty jewelry. Add me to the drawing...pretty please???

Janie Greene

Melissa - I love your blog. It is often touching and always hilarious.
Love your bracelets - my favorite color is blue - hope I win one!! Please post pictures of Puggle (That's a lot of P's ...something you may have a lot of on your floors soon !


Love the bracelets - also my daughter favorite color and it her birthday!

Janet M

Melissa -- I LOVE your blog!! it is so much fun to read. You have many a-talent, girl! can't wait to see pictures of Belle!
ps: i would love to win one of your bracelets

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