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February 09, 2007



havent peed in on how many pics i took... but we can swap photos any time ;) bff!! ( hope you get lot of rest and feel better soon!! ) HUGS


Hi Melissa,
Ok, yes, I watched Bob Ross painting on tv as a kid. No, I don't think I'm part of the .7 so hopefully I'm allowed to post! ;-) Loved the CC auction, congrats on this blog [it was a lot to read all at once], congrats on getting work published and THANK YOU for the link to the bridal party all dancing to Thriller! That dance is also featured in the movie 'Ferris Bueller's Day Off.'
CU around CC,


you dont think i can handle wwooooooohooooooo? i get plenty of it at home. you guys are silly, i'm glad you had fun!

Julie G

you girls *rocked* last night! thanks for making the auction soooo much fun...and melissa...your're an entertainment system all on your own! hope you can relax today!


"i think that's a blogtastic photo!" and i think i get a little nervous everytime you say that, haha. oh gosh, you girls are pretty amazing and i couldn't imagine working with cooler people anywhere else (are there really even people cooler than us creative chicks?! i dont think so...) i made sure to thank kathy when i saw her last night for the fantastic box that was purchased with her coupon. wooooohooooo!


Hi Miss Melissa,
Jessica told me about the Syndicate experience, so I HAD to read it. I figured I'd try to leave a comment for you and see if it works. I will also pass on your story to the guys, who always get a kick out of groupie stories!

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