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February 16, 2007



One of my friends' favorite stories that I've told is about Captain Crash... the game where one person would wear that ugly metallic motorcycle helmet and sit against the fence, leading all the other kids in a messed-up version of Simon Says, where everyone would spin themselves dizzy while the person who was "it" would scream things like "Captain Smash!" and "Captain Trash"... trying to get each person out by fooling them into thinking they'd yelled "Captain Crash." The best part of the game was of course when it was time for a new Captain Crash, but first everyone would beat the old one on the helmet with sticks and wiffle ball bats and tennis rackets and whatever else was handy. That was a good game.

I had totally forgotten about leaving butt marks on the fence during slip n slide. I think I got a million splinters in my rear end that way.

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