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February 04, 2007



i'll just teach him myself. then we can start a wicked badass street crew and fight the people in hyannis who make fun of people for laughing....


i do not lurk, haha. and i will even post two comments! you can make fun of me for loving rod stewart all you want. YOU'RE JUST WICKED JEALOUS! how could you not love rod stewart, i mean seriously?!


good luck with the comment thing ;) i avg 68.75 and barely any comments...
we can make sure we keep commenting on each others though.. cause were cool!!

lurker a.k.a. crys

I'm the .7 - ha! Actually I've been spending the last 1/2 hr trying to figure out what programming they use to come up with fractional visits? I would also like to mention that every time I see Bob Ross' picture I think of the velvet (yes, velvet) painting of Moses my parents kept hanging in my bedroom the entire time I lived in it. 2 words: Gotta love 70's art. Okay that was 4 words.


lesson I learned today. NEVER use tacky tape until you are absolutely sure the book will actually open afterwards.


i'm a lurker. deal!

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