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June 13, 2007



Can'r give you inspiration Miss Melissa as not working on anything at the moment other than trying to get my house all packed up. cleaned etc before I fly back :.) LOL See you soon

Julie G

I was looking at my *extensive* digital pics and came up with an idea for the hambly books. I'm going to use my beach themed pics for one and the other will flowers from my garden, where i spend every waking moment! transparencies over some of those 'inanimate objects' seem to look good...just a thought! back to my roses ( 7 more days of school!!!)


No inspiration forthcoming from me. A question, though: Did you rim your garden leaves with Diamond Glaze to look like "dew" drops?


Hey dear. No creative ideas from me. But I was just wondering if you knew of a good blog reader?? I'm finding it to be a pain in my behind to go through blog after blog to see if anything new has been added :-P I'm hooked!


Hi Melissa,
How about printing out some of those photos and using them like pages in a diary to journal on? It would be prettier than just writing on regular paper. Either that or print them out, distress them, alter them and incorporate them into an altered book. I love the "CD books" in the store that have patterned papers, ribbons, embellishments and photos all glued onto CDs [and then made into a book]. You could collage them and make placemats out of them [Zyron machine]. You could use them on a lampshade [the light shines thru them]. You can use them to decoupage trash cans, wooden boxes, a bed headboard, decoupage items to give away as gifts, decoupage a table or chair, etc. You can print them out and use them on the front of homemade greeting cards.
Happy Crafting! Wendy

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