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June 05, 2007



No kidding about the birds here, either, Melissa! They start at between 3 and 3:30 every morning!!!! Enough already - I mean, sure they sound pretty, but 3am? Let's be real! Should we notify the authorities or something? :)


I made a pact with the little devils (birds that is) that if they left us alone, I would give them new victims to harass. Sorry babe!

A. Sanborn

Hi Melissa,

We met at CK in Manchester at Ink About It's booth. *wink* It appears that you may have a possibility of a hawk that is preying on the wee birds. Not uncommon. It's also nesting season as my five room birdhouse is full in our garden and they are nesting in one of my arborvitaes out our kitchen window.

Keep a vigilant eye out and you may find your answer. ;)

Your blogging friend,
Anne :)

PS... Your not living in the Alfred Hitchcock movie The Birds! *wink*

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