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July 18, 2007


Kim Howard

you absolutely crack me up!!! I love John Mayer too and although I've only been to his concert once, I have his music going every day. Your seats sound fantastic and let me tell you your singing along with "Comfortable" sounds just as good as mine ;-)



i seriously can die a happy girl now. john mayer TALKED to me, and you, and jayne, and jenn. and that my friend, is pretty fantastical.

so here's the setlist:
Waiting on the World to Change
No Such Thing
I Don't Trust Myself (With Loving You)
Dreaming With A Broken Heart
Bigger Than My Body
I Don't Need No Doctor
Why Georgia

-- encore --
I'm Gonna Find Another You

Medley was lifelines, man on the side, love soon and comfortable

ahhhhh so happy.


Ahh! I was LOOKING for a setlist. Awesome. I can't watch the video now because I am in class, so it would be a little inappropriate, but I will check back later when I can turn the volume on HIGH. Word. Awesome photos. My fav is the one where it looks like his hand is missing because he's playing so quicky. Nice shots. :-) I want to see more sometime. Whew. Longest comment ever? Maybe.


And how was Clarity? I heard it was his fav song in that album. I would have been surprised if he hadn't played it.


you didn't really want milk ... did you?!


So jealous! He's amazing in concert. I wanna go again. Sounds like you guys had a blast. Love that video! :)


holy moly, thanks for sharing. i went batshizz after a JM concert once because he is THAT. GOOD. mmm.


d'oh. that last comment leads to my vox, which isn't something i use. this should head to the right blog. i found you via sistv, btw. :)

Mary C. Anderson

Your pictures came out great! Lucky you for being at John Mayer's concert. It sounds as though you had lots of fun. Good for you! :)



Sounds like a FAB time (aside from gargantuan-head-boy). I am eternally jealous!! :)

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