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September 23, 2007


Laurel Jean

That bar conversation was too funny! I guess guys like that are everywhere, aren't they?

Your rings are gorgeous!


How could they tell about the nipples unless they were showing? Or her shirt was way too tight. Did you happen to see?

I havent been in a bar in over 7 years-when I met up with my son who was dating a coke head-he didtn know it either. WHen he found out, he went balistic.Why?? He was a cop. A stupid one too. Are all guys dumb for a while (and some never get undumb) He is married to an artist now. SHe is good for him-smacks him when I cant


I soooooooooo want to win your item in the raffle, even if I get teary eyed every time I look at it. It is just so appropriate for the event next weekend. Have FUN at the wedding, can't wait to see the pics!!!!!!!


First: That conversation was awesome and SO worth documenting.

Second: That pink mini book is gorgeous.

Third: I love country music, it's my fav, don't tell anyone. And I think Rascal Flatts are super.

Fourth: Where does one find ginormous playing cards? Because my anal, everything-must-line-up self would LIKE those.

Fifth: Hope you enjoyed DD.


For some crazy reason, I decided to venture back into Dino's last night. It helped remind me why I enjoy bars in Hyannis so much more than Falmouth!

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