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October 07, 2007



oh snap. jayne's gonna pee her pants.

jenn shurkus

i tried calling ron tonight... he was busy with some chicken mcnuggets... maybe it wasnt love at first sight??



You will have to go for the domain name it's sooooooo you!!!!


Hey! That was Joanie who dropped the bomb! Not moi!!!

Jan Scholl

my son used to work at Mickey D's and was the one they went to for dressing up. someday I am gonna add photos to my blog to embarrass the heck out of him as McGruff, Britney Spears etc.


Hey! It WAS NOT MOI!!! I think Melissa got it right the first time!


You're a little crazy.

That said, myself and nine friends went to the Olive Garden recently, probably on the same night as you, to conduct our own Never Ending Pasta Bowl Challenge. They can't just dangle that $8.95 endless carbohydrate dinner in front of our faces and expect us to pass it up. You'll be proud to hear that I came away the winner, with a totally of five bowls of pasta and one salad (I passed on the breadsticks) and two sodas. I paid for it later that night, but I still think I got my money's worth.

I have actually been talking about you a lot lately. I should call soon.

Love you!

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