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November 12, 2007



and, i just cried again. a lot. you ARE a great mom, and you're gonna be a great mom to ollie too :) this little baby doesn't even know how loved he/she already is :)


and, i just cried again. a lot. you ARE a great mom, and you're gonna be a great mom to ollie too :) this little baby doesn't even know how loved he/she already is :)


Congrats to you and your family. I found your blog through Sis.
Babies are such gifts from God!
Blessings to you,


Oh man, this is wonderful!

janet m

melissa -- you have GOT to write a book!! you had us all feeling every one of your emotions!


Lots a good news. Congrats, this baby is going to have so much love (not to mention so many scrapbooks!)


You were working 70 hours a week, going to high school raising a baby--are you kidding? You've done more for Grif in his formative, early years than some moms do for their children in a lifetime. My goodness. You loved him before you gave birth to him. You had choices. And you chose to bring him into your life. You chose to nurture him. You chose to provide for his needs. And you continue to do all these things--and more. You are one amazing woman with an amazing family and circle of friends. "I love ya, Man!"


okay - I am crying AGAIN. So much you say I can relate to and I say thank you for opening up your heart to all of us...it is special to actually feel like we are a part of this whole process....love ya girlie...will be here if you need anything!!!


Your writting in so emotional. I too think you should write a book. I was bawling reading your post. It kinda sounds like my mothers life when she had me. My Mom is a great Mom and so are you!!!!


OK...Melissa...you've done it again...I am crying! You blog makes my day, I've told you that before. More importantly you inspire me, what you went thru was different but the same as I am going thru and seeing where you are now...makes me believe I will have what you have...happiness, joy, peace all of it. I had it once...it will come again. Thank you for sharing...Thank you!


I find beauty in life's imperfections, and it seems like you do too. Sometimes the most unexpected things are the biggest blessings and are what help to make us who we are. Congratulations to you and your beautiful little family. I teared up reading your post!

jenn shurkus

wow my bff changed her pic without the help of me!!!! crazy i tell you, must be all those hormones :)


Congratulations... what a great post.

Julie G

what a great life that little bundle is entering into! older brother, lots of family and friends and best of all....a great mom and dad to spoil the dickens out of him/ her! what's belle gonna think about a new baby??? congratulations to you and bob!!!


OMG I'm not sure I can get through the next 8 months, my eyes are already red and sore from the crying done over this entry. Thank you so much for the sharing and making us all part of this monumental event.

Wendy Corbiere

Hey Melissa!
Congratulations to you and Bob! Griffin will be a great big brother. This is such happy news. You go, girl!
Be well,
Wendy Corbiere


I took the picture. We were playing out by the blueberries at Mom and Dad's. I have others from that same day and I can track them down if you don't have copies.

I am so proud of you, and think very often about how much strength you have shown through everything. It makes me so happy to know that now you have made a life for yourself that is a better fit, where the happy things aren't clouded by as much of the hard stuff and you can really live in it and enjoy it all.

I love you.


hallmark commercials have nothing on you girlie!
a huge gigantic congratulations on the impending wee one!!!!!!!!!!
so exciting!! mucho hugs!


CONGRATULATIONS Mizzy Doodlepants!!!WooHoooooeeeeee!

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