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November 15, 2007


janet m

awww.......! i am honored!! (and laughing my &*^ off! i do believe in you, girl. your classes are always so much fun and i still say -- you gotta write a book!! thank you for adding spark to my parent conference week!!


so do you think i can just rent a wetsuit? i bet buying the whole set up would cost a lot. i mean, i'll have to get the goggles AND the flippers AND the wet suit... do you think i'll need an oxygen tank? and then we can't forget about the "i love ollie" shirt that i'll need to have made on cafepress!


Yet again you have managed to expand on odd comments with such humor that I agree with Janet Mc you should get yourself pulblished! Oh and by the way I have to tell you that there is a very high incedent of twins on the Cape. As you know my friend has twins and I know of at least 3 other families where there are twins. How many raffle tickets is that!!!!


I want you to watch very closely for the random can of cranberry sauce that scrolls past in the background of the video right around 3:24...

Happy Thanksgiving!

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