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November 21, 2007



Oh my goodness. Poor Belle. Hope you're having a nice day cuddling with her. Guess if she got fixed a couple of weeks ago it's probably about that time for Pixel, huh. Not lookin' forward to that. Hope you have a great holiday! Keep us posted on miss Button's recovery. :)

Tracy V

I don't know who had a worse day - you or miss buttons. Hugs to you and your little Belle! Tracy


Awwww, poor little Miss Buttons. And with your raging hormones, you also deserve an awwww. Fret not. She's young and will heal and get through this. So will you. Enjoy your Thanksgiving. Just think: two new kids sharing this holiday with you: Belle and Ollie. How sweet.


Actually, think maybe three new kids?
I'm just saying....


Oh poor Miss Bella, hope she is feeling better today and giving you all lots & lots of kisses. I think Yo yo Erin was referring to the possibility of Ollie being more than one there's that t**** word again :)


Yo, Erin (and EJ), I think you may be on to something. Hmmmm . . . So, Melissa, any multiple births run in your or Bobio's family?

steph (valleygirl)

OH NO!! Poor Belle!! Sounds like she is a lucky girl to have so many people worried about her though!! And hopefully she'll be back to good in no-time! PS, your pics are gorgeous... just sayin'


Puppy kisses all over Belle's sweet face! Poor baby. I know you'll give her extra lovin' while she heals.

jenn shurkus

awww poor belle... hope shes feeling better


lulu is very sad on the couch right now, feeling sympathy for her friend across the way :( worry not my friend - she will heal. Silver lining? she doesn't have to look like a martini glass during the healing process at least :)


awwww poor ms belle, or should i say poor melissa, everything is harder on the dog mama. belle will heal faster than you can imagine. jeep has been through this before and they truly do heal very quickly. a big ear scratch to belle.


Poor puppy!

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