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December 17, 2007



hahahahaha! Those little buggers are super hard to resist with their sweet sugar topping, gooey inside and carbtastic pastry. mmmmmmmmmmm! I am glad there are none in my house right now!

jenn shurkus

sounds yummy!!!!!

Jan Scholl

We buy pop tarts and feed them to the squirrels on Belle Isle near Detroit.

like ginger? but some fresh and cut off a peice (its really cheap and freeze the rest) then put a small pot of water on your stove on simmer and let it aromatize your house . You can also use crystalized ginger but tis way too expensive.

another trick is Garem Masala spice mix or other similar jarred spices. Just put them in a pot of water or over a simmer votive size candle in a metal dish.


emmmmm thinks i might have to get me some of those

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