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December 16, 2007


Julie G

that s*cks! good thing you have awesome scrap karma! love the layouts you posted yesterday. you're play on words is very scrapwitty! merrymerry back at ya!


that so totally sucks! One time when I was pregnant with Jacob someone broke into my car and took the diaper bag that was doubling as our "ready to go to the hospital" bag. Sometimes PEOPLE SUCK!!!!!!


You flippin crack me up! Seems like I havent seen you in forever and I dont think I can work tomorrow. GHuess I'll see you thurs. TARGET?

vicky sullivan

I made the cookies from the jar we did in class...They are great. Now my jar is empity...
Love the wreaths, would love to know how to make one...
Hugs vicky


It is empty.....worthless...lol

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