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January 26, 2008



dude. catwalk. seriously.

this was one of my favorite...because you showed me love...


#3- OHMYGOD - McDonald's drive thru - I would totally have told that person NO THANK YOU and if they asked why I would tell her/him I heard her use the bathroom. EEEEEEEEEEEEUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU

#4 - I always check my daughter's blog. She got me into scrapping/stamping and blogging. Her blog is: http://wowprincess.com/blog/


#3 One of the funniest entries was Love Letters back in Sept? 07 I think

#4 I think that I check many of the same blogs as you but I do like checking out Emily Falconbridge's blog

Janie G.

1.) What keeps me reading Highly Entertaining?? Because it is! Love your sense of humor, your writng style, your ability to tell a story and your honesty. My favorite post was the one about Grif growing up so quickly...
2.) Check this out.. www.housedadchronicles.com (..Because a guy needs something else to do beside change diapers and watch Oprah...)Janie Greene

june g

i always check out miss highly entertaining's blog because i feel really cool and with it when i check out the you tube posts you have. and i love all about cupcakes, i can look without eating them. then i go and make them and defeat my whole purpose.


I always get a giggle when I read your blog -but especially love your Belle stories -of watches she's chewed and stamps she's tried to unmount. (makes me glad my pooch is out of the puppy phase :) ) I love to blog hop alot and love the eye candy at http://lilybeanpaperie.typepad.com/


3! I'm pretty sure that what keeps me reading your blog is a) the fact that you'll probably kick me if i don't b) it's freaking amazing and c) you're my favorite. Obvz.
4! Don't be a douche! Check this out. Oh wait, you probably do already. http://www.johnmayer.com/blog

Kim Howard

you decroded piece of crap is by far one of my favorites. I can so relate that one!

One of the blogs I like to visit which really inspires me is: http://paperlicious.typepad.com/paperlicious/
She entertains me as well.


janet m

i love your blog -- it is always highly entertaining - you've got to write a book - or a sitcom! my favorites are the dog ate your schedule and other escapes of dear Belle. but i also love when your pour your heart out and make me cry.

another favorite blog i read is "steph"'s that i get to from Jenn's blog.... weird, i know, since i only met her once and i'm sure she has no clue who i am but she,also, has that writing knack.


#4...all the same as you but i do check these ones out alot..not everyday but enough...
http://www.capecodtoday.com/blogs/index.php/CWN i check this one all day everyday!


#3 I'm so going to have to go w/ the Mickey D's drive-thru on this one:) @ least she washed her hands:)

#4 I try to keep up w/ all you girls... Jenny, Jos & Steph along w/ your blog... you girlies keep me pretty entertained:)

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