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January 08, 2008



Oh, if the fairies make it to your house first, please remind them that I'm next on their list! Especially the bill paying fairy! Thanks.

Kim Howard

Once the fairies have visited your house, can you ask them to head my way?


HA! Those damn fairies haven't been over to my house in months. Bitches.

Janie G.

Dear Melissa,
Don't waste your time waiting for those fairies!! I've been waiting for 25 years and they are not here yet!! Instead treasure your youth, your good health, time with friends and family. From my perspective to quote my father-in-law "Who ever said these are the Golden Years??" Believe it or not you are living the Golden Years right now... Hard to believe, but its true. Enjoy every minute of it even those minutes waiting for the fairies.. Love, love, love your writing style! Thanks for the joy you put into my life when you post! J.


Please let me know if you ever find any of those fairies as I would sooooo love to have them visit me in no particular order either!!!


the laundry fairy didnt find me... hope it was cause it was too busy looking for the east side!

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