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January 22, 2008



soooo freakin awesome!!! congrats hun, you deserve it :)


I'm sorry for your loss =(

I can see how it made the catwalk though. Excellent work. From the factured way you used your picture, the way the word "down" is a focal point and the use of spiral to illustrate a "down"ward spiral that you are feeling. In a word...raw... I'm not even gonna try and make you feel better. Not even gonna tell you I can identify with you... I can't... I've never lost a child like that...I've lost just about everything else at one point or another but not that.... Just know that it does get better (empty words when you are in the throes of mourning I know) Just (hugs) that's all I can do....

Julie G

hugs to you... for both your heart and your lovely talent.



This layout is beautiful, from the writing to the design to the execution. It's cool to see you being able to really draw from your personality and your personal experiences as you bring things to life on paper. I'm glad you've found an outlet that suits you so well. There's a lot of life held in your work and your energy comes across really strong. I always love looking at your layouts and other projects.

I'm proud of you!



Congrats on the catwalk. I saw this LO when you posted it there, even though I hadn't visited the sis site for MONTHS. I think it's wonderful that you can make these pieces of art to help you along your days.


Oh boy oh boy I've almost run out of tissues, I think Julie G sums it up hugs for your heart and your talent. I know it's very trite but it is amazing how things work out ......


I am not a Blogger, nor do I usually read them on a daily basis. I haven't checked yours for weeks...sorry...but this layout is so beautiful, and I hope it was, in some way, therapeutic (sp?) for you!
Even tho' I don't check in much, I do care about you and how you're doing.

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