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January 30, 2008



So sorry to hear about your "hit and run". It's nice to know some strangers had your back though! On another note, remind me not to eat my soup while reading your blog. I nearly spewed (sp?) it all over the keyboard when I read the crack about scoring Mariah Carey's autograph!!!

Missy owens

Melissa sorry about your car, but you are so talented on the youtube material you crack me up...I will pray for you and your car tonight...Missy


what a major biotch to do that. Sooo glad that there were some brainiacs in the parking lot to get her #. I love that when shitty shit like this happens to you rather than bitch and moan you make it into a funny. you rock...but you know that already so I wont say it over and over and over...even if you tell me to :)


You know what your blog is srsly highly entertaining. Ever seen the urban dictionary? http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=srsly

Your blog title aptly titled. ~best


That stinks about your car, but the Dane Cook clip has my stomach hurting! Oh my gosh, freakin' hilarious!

Heidi K

Sorry your car got bashed! Too bad for her, what goes around comes around and now she'll get in even more trouble. Go Karma! Love that clip too! Dane Cook rocks.

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