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February 19, 2008



You can make even a produce pic "highly entertaining". I don't think I would have noticed it all had you not pointed it out!


so thanks.....i am officially craving a freaking BLT now! YUM!!! Go Shaws. (and I NEVER thought I would ever have the need to say that)


Oh, this sooooo makes me want a BLT for dinner tonight. Damn you Shaws and Melissa!


dude. this is why i don't shop at shaws. don't get me wrong ... i love me some blt's ... but seriously. bacon just does not belong in the produce section.


ummm i'm sure the toaster isnt as kick ass as mine ;) and i too want BLT's now.. i think we should let shaws know they had a good marketing plan ;)

Anita Griffin

Just where is this Shaw's located and why don't I have one in Seattle?! I would totally have bought all the stuff to make a BLT, but I would have added avocado to mine!



Ooooh wish I had read this before going shopping earlier, then we could have had BLTs tonight!!!!


they forgot the peanut butter!!!!! no mayo, just peanut butter on our blts. ps what are toasters???? and now i am hungry........


That's really funny! And devious. Makes me plan for a BLT dinner ...

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