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March 02, 2008



i fucking love this song. i will wear out the cd you made me just listening to this song. you know what else i fucking love?! you. yup, that's right. you.

june g

have a truly happy birthday!! love that juno soundtrack!! see you in about 3 weeks. yippee!!


A belated Happy Birthday wish from me, look forward to the class tomorrow


happy happy happy birthday to youuuuuu!!!!
that song so should have won the academy award!


SOOOOOOOOOO sorry I missed your BDAY! I remember how much fun March was when we worked together. Did you read any Dr.Seuse or listen to some Bon Jovi today? Hope you had a great day.


Oh happy day.

jenn shurkus

which mario game should i be getting for myself???


Happy birthday to you! :)

Sarah Kristiansen

GAAH! Happy belated birthday!! See, I would not have missed this had I linked your blog to mine so I could get my daily fix, like I have been meaning to do for months. I mistake I WILL remedy TODAY.

Hope the old 2-9 is wonderful--and I'll tell you, the 3-0's are EVEN BETTER.

Happy happy (belated) happy happy

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