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March 25, 2008



how did you know which ribbon to get and how to load it and all that?!?!?! i have a typewriter but no working ribbon!


ugh. i hate you. but i love the little note you wrote to natasha.


LOVE IT!!! SO JEALOUS!! :) Cant wait to see what comes of this!

jenn shurkus

have fun being a cool kid ;)


My my how the pendulum swings I was just reading a newspaper article about the
reemergence of the use of the typewriter amongst students for their work rather
than using the comput.er and being distracted by going onto the internet


luckyyyyyyyyyyy you!


you're bringing texty back. yeah.

Anita Griffin

I'm so jealous, too! I think I learned to type on a typewriter just like that! What an awesome tool for scrapping!


Missy owens

I can't wait to see and hear about the adventures you have with "The Beast!"
Have fun.... Missy


hey there. i am like totally speechless that i thought of little old me. that is soo nice, but you shouldn't have. the thought is just soo sweet. anyhow, my hotmail is acting up so i couldn't email you...lol!


yes!!! this makes my heart so happy. you are gonna rock this bad boy like no other!!!

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