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April 17, 2008



Keep talking it out and working through the process. I am a firm believer that all things happen for a reason, whether they are joyful or sad. It is okay to feel the hurt and I am sure in time you will find the right place in your mind, heart and soul to hold onto those memories.
Hugs to you!


Life imitating art imitating life or in this case is it life imitating life imitating life? I'm sorry you are still feeling a bit disconnected and sad over your loss. Any words will NOT do just fine so I won't say them. They are so tinny and brassy and tinkling so meaningless in the grand scheme and when you are going through this momentous experience. I think you are right in your metaphor and the path. Life is very magical in that way. I've had some similar experiences where I found meaning in comparing normal so daily things. Like Mary Englebright says "Life is just so daily". Hugs, thoughts, prayers.... missprissy

Sarah Kristiansen

Just a "love ya, babe". Love the photos, love Belle, wish I had been there with my camera too, love the insight--so hard to put things into perspective...nice when perspective comes right to you. And crunches under your feet. Beautiful post.


Oh boy oh boy, you've done it again, I have had to go search for the tissues. Love the picture and wish I had been with you to see the bog it must have been awesome. Great to speak to you this evening (for me anyway). keep on talking, thinking and being yourself.

Julie G

My heart is heavy for you. It is very difficult to deal with situations beyond our control. When things happen, and you have no input to that decision, you just get angry.

That being said...YOU ARE ONE OF THE MOST ELOQUENT WRITERS OUT THERE!!!! You can and should write professionally. You word usuage and flowing style are beautiful. You have a love of words, and I hope it helps you with your grief. It is hard to read this and not want to hug you...so here... .


big hugs!!!!!

steph (valleygirl)

Oh, how I can relate. In different ways, but still relating none-the-less. Perspective like that is so amazing, but so devastating at the same time.

BIG hugs to you, and WOW at the photos! I am sure that was quite the sight to see!

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