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April 27, 2008


steph (valleygirl)

OMG. I LOVE THESE!! Can I be on the mailing list for the grand opening of the etsy shop?? I need me a satchel!! :)


Totally sell them! I love them and would be happy to be you first customer! :)

janet m

you are one talented girl!! love them!


I just love love love all the bags! Maybe I will have to start using other material than paper in my crafts ... although I can already recognize the "must use up old stuff before I can by new" feeling that is already present in my scrapbooking obsession ... not good. Anyway, I think you make the sweetest bags ever!


OMG I love them 'specially the apple one. Can't wait for the shop or perhaps I will have to commission one!! see you later this week LOL :)


Steph stole my comment, but I too want to know when they are available for purchase! They are too cute, I MUST have one to add to the fun bag collection...'cause a girl can't have too many bags right?


thank god for that satchel because i would have been parched when i met hanson. parched, i tell you.

emily anderson

oh my gosh!
i think i might have the best happy mail partner ever!
surprise...i'm your happy mail partner (at least i think i am--i did some searching to find you on SIS).
soooo....i'm excited to get to know you!
i'll shoot you an email lata!

emily anderson

eeek! not sure where my other comment went...but i forgot to mention that i friggin' LOVE these bags!
you are talented!

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