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May 22, 2008



this is not a lie! i bought both fabrics featured in purse numero dos on the fence. TO BE USED TOGETHER! it's like we're freakin' sharing a brain or something.


Oh, Melissa... I seriously want ONE OF EACH of those freaken bags... I am going to look at your etsy site all weekend, and then make a decision on which to order! They are seriously adorable!!!

And, yes... MANY margaritas are considered essential over long-weekends. I, myself, plan to consume at least 10, maybe 35.



Dear Melissa, please help me decide between three bags! Believe me, I would get all three, but I'm currently broke and shouldn't even buy one, but heck I'm worth it! LOL

1. Right one in pic of two on fence (red paisley one)...it's not on Esty, but I know you'd put it on there for little 'ol me, right?


2. Large Magenta/Chartreuse Satchel (is this the same size as one above?) I love the idea of a new fun beach bag and the colors in this one call to me as well!


3.Retro Floral Slouch Bag...because it's HOT and I would totally rock it with some cute jeans and adorable black flats or flip flops!

Please help me decide so I can stop drooling on my computer and start drooling on one of the purses instead! HUGS!

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