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October 21, 2008


Kim Howard

I struggle with the same things with my 9 yr old and have found myself defending him to a friend and bawling in front of him for how much he was hurting (ok. I was pregnant and hormonal at the time) but I have to say the best thing we can do as parents is being there to listen whenever they need to and assure them how important they are even when they think they aren't.


I am sooo there with you x'2. Middle school and high school. Get him to find some options for his own nitch. Drawing, archery,build something together, colleting something. all you can do is listen and encourage. There will be so many more changes in the next few years, but keep doing what your doing. Keep the faith.

janet m

how lucky you are that he will come and talk to you - he knows you will listen. you are such a great mom and griffin is a lucky young man.


this made me cry. you're such a good mommy. i hope i'll be as good a mommy as you <3


dude. this made me cry . . . a lot. i'm such a vagine lately :) but anyways, haha. you're pretty much the best mom i know. (don't tell my mom i said that!)


Eh girl you are a great mom and doing everything right with that wonderful boy of yours, you listen, talk, advise as and when necessary, spend time together and take each day as it comes. That is being a great parent and I have absolutely no doubt that Griff is well aware just how much you love him. Don't worry, 'cause he will pick up on that!!! Just be the great person you are!!!

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