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March 28, 2009


Breanne Crawford

sometimes... you scare me.


Oh dear oh dear, suppose I'm now on the *wicked* list as I got a high score on that d....d game last night but please bear in mind that I'm also a victim as your bff got me hooked on the game too. As for Erin, hope she's not one of the 110 that have been taken off the ship due to illness. Must get back to the cleaning of my room so I can play bejeweled later


many points to be said here:
yes, as melissa circled she could have been caught in the almost shoot out(who cares about peeps in the way, shoot out the tires!) but my quick thinking saved her. tip, call me in an emergency not melissa. next, wicked was very good again! tip, dont go to carbos on a friday night unless you want to throw your keys into the basket(wink). lastly, you who play bedazzled... wtf????
that is all

you need to lock your doors!

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