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April 21, 2009



i fucking love you girls.


1. i'm so glad kc commented because i've been needing a little ... make that A LOT ... of her in my life. i must have missed that "i'm-not-on-typepad" memo.
2. i fucking love you as well.
3. i didn't even tell you that there was a super top secret slumber party that occured saturday night because i was too busy trying to sleep/not die on sunday.
4. it is NOT a tuma. it may or may not be a bleed in my head, but NOT a tuma :)
5. did you get my text message last night? bob and shawn and the doc say no.
6. that is all.
7. acutally, no, it's not. thanks for making my day. hopefully all of this talk about muff wont raise my heart rate.


8. i smell a mix cd?!

jenn shurkus

is there a limit as to how many youtube videos you can put on one blog post? if so i'm pretty sure you broke the youtube law.. better watch out! ;)

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