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May 07, 2009



She's beautiful! Just like her mom. Nice job!!!

Lisa Kiefer

Congrats congrats congrats!!! I heard a little chit chat recently that tipped me off but I was patiently waiting for you to share before saying CONGRATS!!!


Nancy E

What a wonderfully exciting post!! Congratulations!!!

Lydia Jackson

Congradulations, babies are always a beautiful miracle.


yeah! so happy for you and bobio and griff :)

Sarah Hodgkinson

Congrats, Melissa! How exciting!!!


seriously. i am crying. again. when my beautiful niece comes out, you need to tell her that she has made her auntie breanne cry like 80 times already. my heart is exploding in happiness for you and bob and griff. this little girl is SO lucky to be coming into your family. so so so lucky. and of course, she's lucky to already be madelyn's bff (i swear. they communicated when we were both still pregnant). love to you all. and YAY. as i told you before, little girls are something special (even when they pee, poop, and puke all over you...)

Amy Dutra

Melissa and Bob, congrats to you and your family. Best of luck to you and I would be more than happy to bring spaghettio's when she gets here!

Angela Spangela

I'm pretty sure my eyes just watered up and I want to cry I'm so happy for you. You deserve this little bundle of baby more than anyone I know. Congrats!!


Hurrah! Great news! Many congratulations!! I'm so happy for you!

jenn shurkus

whooo hooo a lil baby scrapper ;) congratulations!!!

janet m

awww, Melissa!! she is beautiful! i am SO happy for you!


What a wonderful bit of news.

Tina B.

Oh what a happy time for you and your family---best of luck to you all---it is an awesome time

ann zacharchuk

Melissa & Bob
Congratulations!!! Such wonderful news I am so happy for you. You will make wonderful parents.


no words :) so so SO excited for you and the fam.

Jen P.

Your life is full of all kinds of wonderful right now!!! Congratulations... what exciting news... Happy Mother's Day ;o)


Oh boy or should I say oh girl, what truly wonderful news. I am sooooo pleased for you, Bobio and griff. This little person is so lucky to be joining such a wonderful family. I am looking forward to at least one cuddle.


i keep coming back to read this and get so excited over and over again. and teary. :)

Sarah Kristiansen


(and you won't believe it, but I have been stalking your blog recently because I just HAD a feeling!!!)

Now tell me your due date so we can plan your maternity and newborn sessions.

CONGRATS, my sweet friend, I am SO excited for all of you!!

cari Locken

Oh babies are such a precious gift!!!! I'm so happy for you!


oh, melissa!!! i am sooo happy for you and your family. i can't wait to see you this summer and give you biggg hug:)

Denise T

Honestly, I can't imagine being happier for anyone than I am for you right now. Congratulations Melissa; your little girl is so incredibly lucky to have you as her mom.

Tracy V

oh my goodness! What wonderful news, Melissa! Congratulations to you and Bobio and Griff! Can't wait to meet her in 3-D!

Stephanie C.

I know we barely know eachother, I'm just a customer at the store, but I had to tell you that I am truly SO happy for you. Congratulations!!!!

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