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June 23, 2009



i get all teary eyed reading this..... i am SO excited for the next phase of your life ... maybe more excited than i should be! LOL :) <3 you and the bean.


melissa, you look absolutely beautiful! what a glow you have going on!


You are stunning!

Kim Howard

I think you look stinkin' adorable, but I know exactly how you feel. I think when I was pregnant the 2nd time around I felt fat until I actually went back and looked at the pics and thought "boy, I do look preggo". Can't wait for the bean to arrive, I'm so happy for you!


What a great photo Griff, you have managed to capture your mother in a serene moment!!!! hope you and miss buttons are feeling better today!!!!


You look so cute M! Glad you are feeling good. Happy happy for you! :)


you look GREAT!!! what vitamins did you find that don't make you nausiated??? I'm still taking pre-natals & mine make me nautious even though I'm not preggers:)


Happy to hear you are doing well. Did you happen to notice how you spelled "Country" in Old Country Buffet? Intentional or just a typo? Either way, it made me laugh :)
Hope to see you soon

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