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June 15, 2009



Summer, a side from the heat (when IT DOES GET HERE), is the best time to be pregnant. All I craved with Eleigh was fruit! I only gained 32 pounds, compared to when I was pregnant with Nathan, all winter long!!!!(just shy of 75 for that one! YIKES) I can't wait to see you all round and glowing!


does bob know that you took that picture?!?! ha. and you forgot the BEST thing... only 1 month and 10 days until you see me!!! and the babe! oh yes, and beautiful blanket (duh) and page. and i hope since you made an etsy blanket that the bean FINALLY got some handmade goods from her mom ;)


I hope Tuesday has less blahs. Love the blankie. Can I purchase it now? LOL My little Sophia would love it. :)


Hope that today is a better day for you all. Poor Bobio kidney stones are nooo fun. If you aren't up to the reorganization yet just wait for the old nesting instinct to set in then ..... everyone will want to be out of your way!

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