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June 26, 2009


L Mac

Great post Melissa! Kids can be cruel but you survived and turned out to be one of the truly nicest, unselfish, people that I have ever met- and I mean that 100%.

on a non serious note, you look just like KP there when you were kids!

and I love mom's fury- my own mom went beserk on a certain gym teacher when he gave me my first C for only running the turkey trot in 10 mins; an athlete I was not! And after she gave him hell, my Dad had his turn and lets just say one time coming out of bradlees, I'm pretty sure I remember that gym teacher move to the other side of the mall - ha


you were and still are so adorable:)mom's rock!

Tracy V

LOOK-at YOU! so cute...Rockin the Members Only, too (mine was light blue);)

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