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July 17, 2009


janet m

she's coming - and she really won't care if you got everything done or not! She's gonna love you no matter where the furniture is. RELAX, put your feet up at the movies and enjoy a day off. be good to you - you deserve it!


it was great to see you and your little belly:) you rest up and take care. when i visit next, she'll be here!


Relax. What ever you have to do will still be there after the baby is born. Having a calm day is much better for you and her.


Delegate. This is your new mantra: Delegate. And if all loose ends are not tied up upon the sweet Bean's arrival it will still be an amazing time! :)


You can do this girl. Remember you are on the home run now so you have to KEEP calm, Relaxed and if necessary cut some of those redonculus hours. As others have said Bean will arrive ready or not so don't worry. Believe it or not if you put the list of to dos out of mind you will probably achieve more and with less stress

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