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July 19, 2009



Happy to hear you have some time off. Now use some of that time to rest. You can only do what you can do-that's it. And baby doesn't care what her living accomodations look like but she will care that she has a happy, healthy, well-rested momma to love her to bits.

Thanks for a great class on Saturday. My head is full of ideas now...


Enjoy your time off and white vinegar works great for cleaning and getting smells out (leave on and then rinse good and leave in the sun. Yeah..I know...vinegar smells too but I was surprised how well it worked on my son's clothing that he left WET in his hamper for 3 WEEKS! I soaked them for 2 hours and then washed as usual) I love reading your posts. TFS!


I can clean it for you if you like - I knew that my training would come in handy eventually even if it took 40 years - how pleased would my parents be if they were alive. Believe it or not the class on cleaning prams was for a full day!! So very happy to do that for you or alternatively pass on the pearls of wisdom.

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