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July 22, 2009


Kim Howard

Beautiful story and crib! it's so awesome to have something to pass on from generation to generation and can't wait for the bean to arrive and see pictures of her!


A beautiful story- isn't it great to have a crib that is passed down the generations isn't it, we have one that was first used 83 years ago and the latest great, great great niece has just out grown it.


We have my Christening gown that was passed down and around and the memories are wonderful aren't they? And the kids enjoy seeing and hearing about how they were that tiny,and that they fit into it. I've been catching up on reading the blogs and I'm concerned! Everyone is absolutely correct. You need to take it easy and not stressing over getting everything done. What do you expect of yourself? You're working two jobs, one of which is very demanding and then of course there's the BBC. (HA, HA) Seriously take care of yourself and the baby. And then of course Grif and Bobio. The housework can wait. Relax and enjoy the journey,everyting else will fall into place when you have a happy, healthy baby and family.


this made me cry... i cannot wait for that bean to make her grand entrance




Beautiful. The story, the crib, your words. Just absolutely lovely--all of it.


I loved your story. I still have goosebumps after reading it. And a little weepy but that is a good thing ;) Thank you for sharing this sweet story.

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