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September 18, 2009



Thanks, alot, Melissa! Now I, too, have "Vote for Tito Jackson...vote for TITO JACKSON if you need some satisfaction" stuck in my head. Quite a catchy little campaign tune if you ask me! Did he win? Have a great weekend!

Lydia Jackson

That is a fabulous gimic, and so catchy!! What a cool and down to earth idea, I'd vote for him!!

Julie Gammon

omg...my husband and i just had coffee and listened to ....'vote for tito jackson...keep steppen to the voting booth...keep steppen..keep steppen...hysterical! what a great way to market a resume!!!


I called out to Dean to dance to this w/me! Who's Tito and, more importantly (how shallow of me), who's the band? Tavares? What a young man, destined for history, la, la, la, la, la . . .


...where did that green square come from?


Thanks "a" I've none firmly got the tune firmly embedded in my head


Just wanted to let you know Tito didn't win. I guess that means he'll have more chances to air the song in future elections.

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