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September 28, 2009


Lydia Jackson

That was my all time favorite line from the movie!!! You look radiant, and I love the little lemon blanket. Have a wonderful tripp!


So missed you this weekend... Love all the goodies wish I had someone to buy for :( . Come on Bean time to start making an appearance.

Julie Gammon

soooo...anything new?? :)

Sarah Kristiansen

okay. Number ONE. you are CRAZY ADORABLE, watermelon and all. Looking at you actually makes me want to have more babies. My uterus is aching just a little.

Number TWO. The mommy's little helper is A FREAKING WICKED GOOD IDEA. But I think it needs a new name. Something as uber clever as the thing itself is. I want more babies JUST SO I CAN USE THOSE. But will be satisfied with buying them for my preggo friends.

Nymber THREE. So I am willing to bet that the Bean is going to arrive BEFORE we get to a maternity session. BUT, I really want to make an appearance once she arrives, maybe with my other favorite photographer proteges in tow...I have a couple of super cute new props I am dying to use, a little knit diaper cover, a couple of knit cocoons....so I need to hear about the arrival of the bean as soon as she pops into the world! Think: MUST get Sarah here in the FIRST TEN DAYS...the first ten days....the first ten days....

Love to you, mama, enjoy these last beautiful days of being pregnant....


You look wonderful! Enjoy your last few days and put your feet up :)

I wish both you and the Bean a safe and healthy delivery-soon.

I also LOVE your choice of fabrics-great taste.

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