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September 30, 2009



Oh once again you have made me play hunt the tissues. So wish I was closer as I would be knocking on your door by now to help ease this waiting period sending you lots of love and (((((hugs)))))


um, this made me cry. and high five for brett michaels ;)


Life is good!

janet m

you have to write!! a book, newspaper column, magazine things..... you have such a knack for telling a story (and touching peoples emotions!)
that bean of yours is certainly getting ready to come and meet her wonderful family! best wishes

Joan Mowers

I, too, have been searching for the tissues....
I feel for you, babe!
This, too, shall pass...and very soon you will have a baby girl bean to occupy your time and love.
By the way...you missed your 'due' date that I guessed. You were supposed to have her yesterday morning! Too bad!
Rub the beanbelly for me, and hang in there!
Thinking about you.


I feel all warm & fuzzy now... :)

breanne and madelyn

yea. tears here. way to go. thinking of you all. hope the appointment went VERY well today....

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