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September 14, 2009



AGH!! see. i told you that those creative chicks just HAD to have something in the works!! glad you had a great time!!! you deserve it!

Julie Gammon

soooo glad i got the g-d tub for belle and the bean! enjoy your 'peaceful time' before the babe is born...relax...have tea...and for goodness sake...give bob another forty for hanging out with all those oohing and ahhing women!!!

Jen P.

Hi Melissa!
I'm so glad you had fun... and sad that I didn't get to partake in the festivities! (I had promised to take my Mom to Sturbridge Village with my sister as her Mother's Day present and that was the weekend we had picked months ago ;o( Hope to see you soon...

Brenda Blais

It was fun, thank you to the creative chicks for the invite. Pictures on the way....Good luck Melissa, can't wait to see Baby Doodlepants! Brenda

Linda Beeson

That is just so neat and I'm sure a real treat.


I wanted to be there M. Am sure you were wrapped in much "love" that day. Yippee!!! Heard the cupcakes were yummy too. lol

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