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September 15, 2009



I'll babysit anytime you want :]

Lydia Jackson

Sorry, I will be there too and also need a babysitter. LOL Apparently there is not a teen on the planet and over half the women on the planet are busy that night too!


You need to put Tessa on your speed dial. It is in writing: She will babysit anytime. :) I'll meet ya at the movie.

jenn shurkus

no comment.

jenn shurkus

well.. ok.. i have one comment....
i GUESS if i;m not in another state or something.. i could watch the bean... i'll just sit on the couch the whole time and hold her :D

(cause i know tessa will want to be there too gag.)

Lori M

you have to pay extra to see it at the 21+ theatre bc honestly, those preteens and teens are so annoying with their screams and texting - hello we are in the movies...and I'm there to enjoy Edward


I didn't even need to see a video to know that this is New Moon. Based on the November 20th. I have been re watching all of the trailors. So good.

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