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October 07, 2009


Lydia Jackson

What a beautiful little girl Melissa, that last photo is a gem and amazing for a baby who is only a few days old!! Congrats to you and your lovely family. {{{hugs}}}


Quick! Get me a bib! I'm drooling and I can't stop! She's adorable, you're beautiful and the two men in your life are so handsome. All of you look so peaceful. I'm happy, too. Life is good.

Kim Howard

Congratulations and what beautiful pictures of Maya!!! I absolutely adore the first one with her little crocheted hat is too cute. So glad you are home, healthy & happy. Enjoy!

Brenda Blais

Just a beautiful little girl. I hope to meet her soon (hint, hint). Congrats to all! Brenda Blais

Jen P.

Oh. My. Goodness. Those last three pictures of Maya are absolutely amazing. She is truly beautiful and so alert!!! I hope you all enjoy your time getting to know each other! Hugs...

breanne and madelyn

i am so in love..... LOVE the pic of her and griff. SO proud of you for doing it naturally! miss you. and be on the lookout for some mail from nj tomorrow :)

love love love love love.

Jane Greene

Dear Melissa,Bob and Griffin,
Congratulations on Maya's arrival! Don't you wonder how the world ever revolved before she was born? The pictures are beautiful...of all of you.
I cannot believe what a personality she has already -- but then look at who she has for a Mama! You did a great job Melissa. With love and hope for a beautiful future for Maya, Janie Greene

Joan Mowers

Her little smile says she is very happy to be here in the big world with her family!


Ok now please can you stop making me crab the tissues. These are such wonderful pictures. Well done girl, I'm sure she is so alert because you did it Au natural. Griff you are the best older brother any girl could wish for and I have no doubt that The Bean (aka Miss Maya) will be the envy of all her friends at a later date. Bob you have done a wonderful job too, yes you deserve some credit in the arrival of this little person, enjoy the next few weeks, months and years remember how perfect she is even when she is screaming and fussing late at night or causing such exasperation when she is older :)

Serious you nguys ust rock and I wish you ALL just the best future ever.

Stephanie C.

I have tears in my eyes after reading your post. I am so happy for your beautiful family. And that Maya is adorable!!! Congratulations!

Linda Beeson

Oh my goodness, this post is just amazingly adorable!!! So happy for you and your family with all of the new cuteness.


"I find myself staring at her. Just holding her little sleeping body in my hands and staring at her."

I sucked my breath in when I read that line. those exact moments are the ones I have etched in my brain with both my littles. I wish I could retrieve them like DVD's and just play them over and over...

I'm so happy for you, Melissa... Enjoy every second!

ellen s

she is soooo sweet! and that hat, so cute. i just want to hold her.


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