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October 04, 2009


Sarah Kristiansen

COME ON BEAN!!!! My camera is dying to meet you!!!!


OK now Little Bean, sprout!

Debbie Standard

LOL - poor baby! I agree Little Bean it's time to check out this world. I have 4 - Kim as always was two weeks late (no I didn't say that did I); the second came right on her due date and the last 2 I was old enough that they didn't make me wait and were induced to be on time. Good luck - can't wait to hear the news!

breanne and madelyn

this makes me cry. she is so lucky. and VERY soon she will know that :)

Lydia Jackson

What a fantastic sentament worth scrapping for sure, lucky little bean come join us!!

janet m

and she listened!!!! i went from reading this fantastic writing to check facebook -- she's HERE! congratulations Oliviera family!


Thinking of you !


What a good obedient daughter you have, like Janet I saw the announcement on FB. Long may this attention to her mama continue :) Seriously, congratulations to everyone in the Oliviera family may you get some sleep at night! I look forward to meeting the Bean. Hugs to you all

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