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October 22, 2009





She's so big!

Holly Heaslip

Dear Maya Grace,
Welcome to the world and into the most loving circle of family and friends! We have all awaited your arrival with so much anticipation. You are so beautiful and bright! Thank you so much to your Mom, Dad and big brother for allowing us the privilege to be a part of your life.
With love and best wishes,

breanne and madelyn

you know what they like to sway about girls who like to be naked so much .... ;)

Janet MacLeod

SUCH a cutie!!!!! but... doesn't she know about all the onesies??

Joan Mowers

Such a pleasant little being! I actually think she knows how lucky she is to have you for family....and she's smiling!


What a beauty, I betyou are thankful she has a big brother to keep her out of trouble later on :) Can't wait for my cuddle


ps. auntie erin thinks she's starting to look (and act...) more like you ;) just sayin'


Ohhhh, so sweet! There is just nothing like the smell of a baby. Maya is beautiful; can't wait to meet her.


Melissa she is so beautiful!!! congrats to you both again.. I love reading your blogs.. makes me smile :)

ellen s

she is so cute. i just want to hold her and give her some lovin'!

babies in diapers are just too cute. thanks for keeping it G rated for the blog, LOL! jk ;)

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