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October 05, 2009


Denise T

Yay! Congratulations Oliveira family; she is absolutely beautiful! :) I can't wait for her and Will to meet!!!!

Nancy E

I was just wondering if anything had happened yet. Welcome to the world Miss Maya!!!

Lydia Jackson

Beautiful Bean, Congrats and welcome to the world Maya


Everything is just soooo perfect about Maya. Nice job, Melissa, Bob and Griffin!



janet m

she is absolutely beautiful -- and such a pretty name! Congrats, Melissa, Bob & Griffin!


Congratulations to the Oliveira family. Your letter must hve done the trick! It's the first time I have heard of sending a baby a blog-o-gram to tell her it's time to come out!LOL
Maya Grace -- beautiful baby --beautiful name.


I am so happy for you, Bob and Griffin. Maya Grace is a beautiful addition to you family. Congratulations.

Jen P.

Congratulations! She is absolutely beautiful and fashionable late... just like a proper girl should be ;o)

breanne and madelyn

overjoyed. absolutely overjoyed. couldn't be happier for you all.

Sarah Kristiansen

SO WONDERFUL!!!! Welcome to the world, little MayaBean...it has been waiting for you....

(and when can I come over for photos?) xoxo S


Lovely. :-)

Joan Mowers

So happy for you all!
Enjoy your beautiful little Beany Baby!
Maya...such a great name...love the Grace part too!
Joanie M.


What a lovely name but I have a feeling that miss Bean is going to hang around somehow. Congrats to you all she's absolutely gorgeous can't wait for a cuddle when you are all settled at home. Rest when you can. (((hugs)))

Mary Sara

Congratulations. What a beautiful baby girl. Can't wait to meet Ms. Maya Grace soon. All the best to the family and new big brother.

Kim Howard

Congratulations!!! She's gorgeous and now you get to put all that fun stuff you made to use on her. So glad she's hear and that you all are happy & healthy!

Katie Scheve

She's just beautiful - and so peaceful in that picture.
Happy Birthday Maya! What a wonderful journey you have ahead of you...and such lovely people to share that journey with.
Rest and enjoy Melissa...

Julie Gammon

lovely maya...great news oliveiras!!!! congrats to the big brother too!!!


Oh my goodness, Melissa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She is BEAUTIFUL! Congratulations! What a beautiful name you have given her! I am so happy for you and Bob and Griffin! Welcome little Maya Grace -we'll keep a seat warm for you at the Art Bar!

Sandy Fleming

Congratulations on the birth of your beautiful daughter Maya Grace! I'm glad to hear everything went smoothly. Enjoy your new family!


Sweet! Angelic! Beautiful! I love the names you chose. Now the {{{baby love}}} begins...............yippee!


Ohhhhhhhh!!!!!!! MELISSA!!!! The name gave me GOOSEBUMPS!! What a perfect little peanut, CONGRATULATIONS TO YOUR FAMILY!! :)

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