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November 09, 2009



I LOVE that you cried when she drank this bottle! I know how incredibly amazing it is to be the source of food and comfort and all things good for your baby and to have someone else giving all of that to her can be incredible and wonderful and totally sad and heartbreaking all at once. That is why I do everything I can to make sure I get to nurse Riley everyday at lunch time. But some days I am totally sad that she has two bottles a day. And some nights, secretly, I am so happy when she wakes up and needs my milk to soothe her and fill her tummy so she can go back to sleep. These moments are so sweet and special and I treasure them. Because you are right, they grow fast. I love that you are enjoying every minute!!!

Joan Mowers

Another beautiful Maya Moment!


So true... leaving them is SO hard... :(

Hugs to you!!


Just keep on doing what you're doing as she looks so healthy and is a great snuggler. It was so good seeing you all on Saturday. Hope Sunday was a good day. See you soon.

Julie Gammon

she will always need you! remember this when she is 15 and you know nothing! even then she will always need her mom. my 21 year old needs a lap and a cuddle every now and then! :)


Love reading your posts! You are so right about that first bottle - I couldn't even be in the same room when my kids had theirs - I felt like I was betraying them. Beautiful pictures of babe and her dad; I especially love Maya's gaze at her daddy!!


this photo reminds me of my babies and their daddy when they had their first bottle :( makes me sad for lots of reasons. But I am oh so happy for you, Bob & Griffin!

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