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March 24, 2010



You'd sell a million of those jumpers if Maya was the model! Really cute.


That is super cute! I need to make Ry a jumper or dress for her birthday. Now I am all inspired!

Lydia Jackson

Ok that is so seriously cute I LOVE IT, I may just have to sew one for my neice.

Linda Beeson

That is just plain precious! I used to sew everything that our oldest daughter wore and it was really fun to make little girl things.


i LOVE this jumper! completely adorable. you MUST tell me where you buy your fabrics...what a great little stack:)


so cute!


Super sweet and adorable. That goes for the outfit as well ;)

breanne and madelyn

OMGOSH!! thats so cute!!!! one day you need to teach me how to sew!!

Kim Howard

Oh my! Can you say darling??? Do they make those in 4-5T???? I wish I had a better sewing machine (or even the desire to sew clothes).

She looks darling in it!


Beautiful little dress :o) I found your blog through tumbletalk :o) Great read!

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