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November 11, 2011


Jackie R.

Fantastic Pictures! Life can sure be hectic and challenging when your kids are little! Hope you get some quality Zzzzzzzzzzzs soon! :)


LOL! So cute. As the mother of a just-turned-two boy, my advice is if you are going to curse, make sure you do it at the beginning of a sentence! They seem to repeat the last few words :) I'm totally there with you on waiting for them to do it themselves - frustrating when you just want to get. stuff. done! Enjoy the ride :)


Such cute photos, I miss hearing about the children and all your other news so it is great to see you have remembered how to blog. Miss Maya Grace has definitely grown, enjoy your time with her and Miss Sadie as the time is going to pass much to quickly Love to all :)

Debbie Standard

Adorable photos and brings back so many memories of mine when they were little - enjoy - life's too short!

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