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May 11, 2012



I feel your pain Melissa, my son now 25, went through that same thing and at 16 months, he had his first set of tubes put in....a relief until they fell out. Long story short, he's had 4 sets and as an adult, had surgery to repair all the scaring. He still has trouble hearing. Now I dont' know if the tubes were worth it.

Your heart stings so much, I know. I remember him screaming when the Dr. came near him, but he grew up and learned to love the Dr. He still remembers how he use to "make his belly button squeek." lol

Your a wonderful mom and she will be better.

julie gammon

You are an amazing mom! With mothers day around the corner you put into words the wonderful relationship between mother and child. You have a true gift for words and a true gift for parenting!

Have a great day tomorrow and I hope your little angel is better soon!


You continually amaze me with your wonderful ability to
put into words your feelings along the winding path of parenthood. You are a terrific mother and all your children are a tribute to you and Bob.

i hope that you have had a great Mother's Day and that Sadie soon recovers from her ear infections.

Kristy Mutchler

That made me cry. I am sniffling right now! You are an amazing writer! I feel your pain too; I hate to see my baby girl hurting. I hope the doctors are able to find a permanent solution for her ear infections :(

Debbie Standard

What else can make you hurt as much as your child's pain. With four I totally understand! We have dealt with so much stress over our grandchildren with heart problems and now with my son discovering that at 20 he already has one I totally feel your pain. HUGS!

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