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August 27, 2012



Oh my goodness; I so stumbled upon here on the right day! I am months behind in catching up on all the blogs that I love, but fate brought me to yours today. Even more than the cinnamon sugar grinder, I love love love this sentence, "By the time I've been able to finish my coffee, it's noon and I'm counting down the minutes until nap time (true story)." Story of my life! Only sub coffee for cranberry juice, at least it doesn't matter if it is cold. Happy Monday to you! :)


Snickers...this post made me smile. Though I attempt to get up before my little man to enjoy some mommy time it appears that I have still not perfected the art of it all. Though my time for me is in the evenings and I typically sit down with a fancy ginger ale and enjoy the fizzles as they encompass my mouth....yum! Then as I head to bed I take one more look at my sleeping man and see him in his innocent state before I head in. I am trying to enjoy each quiet moment before little man number two arrives.....sighs :)

Amy Cape Cod Mommies

Yum! What a tasty idea to spice up the morning coffee routine!!! My morning iced coffee helps me thru my morning routine but my other "can't start my morning without" item is my eucalyptus hair spritzer for my hair right before I walk out the door. It helps me recenter and get going for the day! In the winter time my secret add on to my coffee is a tiny piece of dark chocolate ;)


Yesssssss please! No Dunkin and no Trader Joes here!!! Ahhhhhh! So, right now my morning pick-me-up routine includes a glass of Odwalla Blueberry smoothie and a prayer for no meltdowns - for me OR the toddler!


Wishing I could drink coffee again...I guess the smell of my hubby's coffee will do for now! Instead, I enjoy a big cup of green tea every morning. I feel energized and ready to start my day after having my green tea. After our morning breakfast routine, we are off to the gym for an hour. Then we are really ready to encounter the day, full of energy! Without this routine, I feel sluggish....I look forward to it every morning when I am woken not by my baby but my hubby, who slams the front door shut....ugh!!
Love the placemats!

julie gammon

Love your crafty placemats! My morning ( now that school is in session) consists of downing a coffee, feed all the animals, bring them out to potty, run back in, grab my stuff, drive to school....and then remember I didn't eat breakfast or pack lunch :)


Now isn't that smart! I've never thought to put that in my coffee. Thanks so much for the great idea, hopefully I remember tomorrow.

I'm (sort of) looking forward to the start of preschool next week and getting back some uninterrupted time for myself. Taking a few minutes for yourself is good for you.

A Facebook User

Yum! Super cute placemat too! Mine is a cup of coffee with honey and cinnamon and the internet. I am trying change my routine into a mini yoga session but it just doesn't hold the same appeal for my lazy self sadly.

Ryanne Hindley

lemon tea with real honey from a local apiary, and try to get outside every morning for as long as possible to look and embrace at things that represent God's gifts to the earth. Different species of the birds, their chirping and interactions. The flowers. The weather---no matter what, and its importance to the earth. The wind and watching things sway. Smells from nature. I try to find somewhere as far as possible that has shelter that I go to every day (I currently have a covered outdoor porch) that has a view of all of these things with minimal interruption with others' voices, cars, etc. Hard to do with kiddos...but I guess if you can fit it in for even 5 minutes. I've gotten the routine down so well that I just absorb it in immediately and go to my own place in my head as soon as I'm out there and have to do it. If I miss it in the morning, I'll do it during another part of the day but I like starting my morning with it. Its a sense of renewal.

Ryanne Hindley

***hard to do if you have kiddos. typo above. i don't have any. people who do have them, feel free to add advice to how to accomplish that lol if you do have them. i'm blind to that...lol

Joanie Mowers

What a lovely thing.
I MUST have my coffee with the International Delights French Vanilla creamer. I use the fat free version of said product.
I usually watch the TODAY Show, read the Cape Cod Times, and maybe catch up on Words With Friends while enjoying my cuppa vanilla caffeine goodness.
If it's Monday, Wednesday, or Friday, I need to be 'out of here' by 7:45 as the class at the gym starts at 8:00 am sharp!
That is all! Hope whoever wins will enjoy their nice prize!!!

Ashley B

Oh my goodness does that sound delightful! Perfect for the fall cup of coffee. I get a whopping 3 to 4 sips of coffee before I leave the door for work every morning, and although it sounds silly, 3 to 4 sips is "my routine". Imagine what I could do if time allowed for more sips of my coffee!

Linda Johnson

Hot chocolate is my wake-up of choice. Cinnamon might be a nice addition to it! And if the Grandkids aren't here (they were all summer) I follow it with a crossword puzzle.

Enjoying your coredinations inspiration.


Must. Have. Coffee. . . I'll give up pretty much anything, but no one will pry my double espresso from my hands!

David McWilliams

great idea.... its coffee that gets me through the morning too. I'm an iced coffee kind of guy because I'm wimpy & hot coffee burns my mouth. I agree that a little twist in your daily routine can make a big difference.

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